Help us provide a

Bedtime Box

to a child in Baltimore

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Contributions to Improving Education are tax deductible through our Fiscal Sponsorship from Greater Homewood Community Corporation.

We are working with families to develop routines that prepare students for school and keep them learning outside of the classroom.​​

$150 provides a child with a Bedtime in a Box Starter Kit containing 18 items focused on a healthy and academic bedtime routine that prepares them for school.

$75 provides a child with a replacement kit containing 5 new books, bath soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, an educational game, and a bedtime routine log to track progress. 

We believe every child can be successful and every parent should have the tools to support the health and academic growth of their child.   

Through our Bedtime in a Box initiative, we are facilitating and supporting parents and caregivers in the creation of routines that foster healthy habits, build connections between parent and child, and create a love of reading.

Personalized Age Specific Bedtime Boxes for your child.  

Children are different at each age, and so are our boxes.  We pride ourselves on customizing materials for the unique interests and needs of each age.

Improving Health and Literacy

 through Bedtime Routines