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Anna Kawar

MBA, MPP, Improvement Specialist,

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Anna has been working to improve areas of social policy and services for almost 10 years. She began her career with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in Boston, where she fell in love with the science of improvement as a way to make real change in complex systems such as health care. The science of improvement is a methodology of disciplined inquiry, testing, and using data to learn our way into improving outcomes, but it also fundamentally shifts the assumption of what it takes to improve by focusing on collaborative learning and the empowerment of users and front-line workers in change efforts. After receiving her MPP and MBA from Duke University, Anna moved to the Bay Area to bring this approach to the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, where the powerful combination of networks and improvement science has been pioneered to accelerate learning for the field. Since joining Carnegie two years ago, Anna has taught over 600 educators and coached over 50 teams from non-profits, schools, and districts to use innovation, rapid-cycle testing, data, and spread methodologies to generate learning about not just what works, but also how to get those changes to work across varied contexts to improve educational outcomes for all students.